Always follow the machine manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for the safe operation of the band saw machine.  We at Wikus highly recommend that the proper band saw blade be applied according to material and saw machine in use to achieve peak performance.  After the proper recommendations are made, the user must ensure that appropriate Speeds, Feeds, Machine up keep and Machine repair are maintained.

The following information is to serve as a Guideline to support the User by offering basic technical information that shows cause and effect of misuse, machine setup and repair.

Following this guide will help you attain better blade performance, blade life and sawing efficiency which will result in overall cost reduction in your sawing operation.




Consequences if Recommendations Are Not Followed


On going training

Misapplication, blade failure

Blade Type

Match blade type to material being cut

Poor blade life, blade breakage, poor performance

Blade Tooth Pitch

At least 3 teeth in contact to work piece

Tooth strippage

Blade tooth style

Match tooth style to machine and job

Tooth strippage , crooked cuts

Band Tension

Every blade change

Crooked cuts, blade breakage

Blade speed

Adjust for each job and material condition

Chip welding, crooked cuts, tooth strippage,
Blade breakage

Blade tracking

Blade not to ride on wheel flange or off wheel surface too far

Blade breakage, crooked cuts

Blade break-in

Every new blade

Chipped teeth, strippage teeth, crooked cuts, poor blade life

Feed rate

Adjust for each job